About SDV

Saudi Digital Visions Company – Contracting was founded in 2003 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to provide a new vision and a different perspective in the world of contracting, project management and to provide architectural designs relying on a professional team to follow up on the project and ensure quality in the implementation and cost control.

Through our determination to provide the best we had to find appropriate solutions to the requirements of our valued customers to devote our efforts to implement with considering that every customer has a different taste than other and this happens after a careful and deep study for each of project steps.

The growing economy in the region opens up new possibilities, and supports opportunities for limitless growth, and we need to make every possible effort to remain at the ost competitive level in the field of contracting, through the creation of an innovative approach to provide the highest levels of quality. We have a unique style in the planning and implementation helps to achieve the highest level of efficiency stemming from innovative solutions for the implementation of regional projects with global quality.

Our deep vision and lasting commitment that would lead us to a unique level of achievement and to a professional work team, and, of course, to the roots of confidence that stretched between us and our clients over the past nine years.

Our Mission

Modernize the Saudi housing in a professional manner and develop integrated urban housing, fitted with all the facilities that create a unique Saudi life experience ,based on the rules of construction and high-quality service.

Our Vision

The company aims to become the largest developer of integrated urban complexes services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing the best methods of urban construction to the highest international standards.

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