Casa Bella 2

  • Residential villas project is located in the northern Jeddah in Al-Bandar District, It consists of 8 villas (duplex) with unified design, the area of land per villa is 325 square meters and building flats are 534 square meters.
  • It came through the study of the local real estate market, and in line with the nature of the demand for residential units.
  • Villas feature the work of high-level infrastructure, in terms of the structure and foundations, with special attention to other operational aspects.
  • Attention to interior design and distributions for villas in order to achieve the highest benefit from the spaces for the residents.
  • Site selection was made after filtering for many sites and opportunities in the city of Jeddah, and serve the interests of the beneficiaries of the project in the long term, in terms of higher investment value of the land, and keep up with the future direction of the city.


  • Quality selection of sites.
  • Taking into account the requirements of the Saudi family living in the design.
  • Attention to detail in implementation.
  • Guarantees of up to ten years.
  • Solutions for financing and installment suitable for everyone.

Construction elements

As we look forward to strengthening our leadership in the real estate market, we in Saudi Digital Visions Company do what we can to take advantage of the best standards of architecture at the global level, and to keep up with the latest studies related to housing overall sense modern eco-friendly, and formatted technically to create an environment smart for a fashionable family.

From digging the foundations and the establishment of rules and passing through different stages of finishing. The company has been careful on choosing the best elements matched to the international standards. Has been taken into account in the establishment of our projects to be fully equipped with smart home systems and eco-friendly.

Construction elements

Interior design


Marble and Flooring

Kitchens and Wooden Flooring

Air conditioning


Internal and external lighting