GPS Tracking Solutions

SDV Tracking offers you the most pioneering and cost effective Automobile tracking and feature rich Fleet management solution. SDV Tracking allows individuals and business to track, control and communicate their automobiles remotely no matter at which part of the world your vehicle is.

  • Real-time Reporting of your automobile location information Via Satellite Imagery and Maps through the web and SMS
  • Real time Reporting of Fuel , Mileage and Speed information via Web and SMS
  • Set speed limit and destinations through the web
  • Fleet management modules for tracking and maintain multiple vehicles for Business users
  • Vehicles / Assets management Modules
  • Predefine SMS and e mail alerts for various modules
  • Start /Stop your vehicle remotely from the web and SMS

Optional Modules

SDV Tracking Voice Communicator

SDV Tracking Voice Communicator module allows real-time voice communication between SDV Tracking user and the vehicle crew usually the vehicle driver
SDV Tracking Voice Communicator comes in two modes

Voice Web Communicator

Voice Web communicator allows the SDV Tracking user to communicate directly with vehicle crew from the web despite of the vehicle location

Voice Mobile Communicator

Voice Mobile Communicator allows the SDV Tracking user to communicate with the Vechicle crew using their Mobile device

SDV Tracking Cargo Manager

SDV Tracking Cargo Manager allows users to have real-time information on the quantity and volume of the Cargo/Load on their vehicle along with real-time loading and unloading status.

SDV Tracking Fuel Manager

SDV Tracking Fuel Manager allows real-time status of the fuel usage and of the vehicle along with alerts on refueling and fuel volumes

SDV Tracking Multi fleet Manager

SDV Tracking Multi fleet Manager allows A to Z management of your entire fleet management of your business it includes cutting edge features that allows you to manage your fleet on a single login with vehicle inventory management , Service history , Spare parts and accessories management etc.

Global Container and Air cargo Tracking

Containers are an icon of modern global trade where 95 % of the global containers are handled via Sea routes. The Container cargo contains Manufacturing raw materials, automobile accessories textile, perfume, or electronic equipment;

It is not rare for a single container to contain values amounting to US Dollar 1–2million. The values can be considerably higher in the case of works of art, antiques, or precision machines.

Even the most efficient Sea and Air Logistics companies report millions of loose in profits due to container loose and misplacement claims affecting the entire global logistics industry and also affecting the allied industries due to non availability of manufacturing raw materials on time and for other industries.

The Pioneering Global Tracking technology developed by SDV Tracking allows real-time Tracking your consignments and Containers anywhere in the Globe on Road, Sea and Air SDV Tracking offers comprehensive real-time tracking of your assets with the entire geographic and cursing information of your asset from any part of the world right to handheld and to your browser interface.

  • Our Plug and Play SDV Tracking device can be connected to any part of the containers to be tracked , can be connected hidden inside the container also
  • Users can send SMS to SDV Tracking NOC to get real-time data of the container position and also get the real-time geo graphic map location of their container by loggin to SDV Tracking
  • Users can get Container and Consigment Cruise history and route reports
  • Users will be able to know the exact time on the arrival of their container on the respective port to arrange immediate pickup of the consignment /container
SDV Live Camera module

Watch your Driver, Road, Travelers Cabin and other areas of your vehicle live from SDV Tracking through the Pioneering Real time video feeder service from any device...

The SDV Tracking Live Camera module can be connected to any part of the vehicle it has inbuilt IR Settings that allows the users to have clear view of their vehicle from remote locations. Through SDV Tracking users can set predefined intervals of Video snapshots or Real-time video to be send to their desktop as well as archive the video for later retrieval

  • Have real-time information on the travels of users vehicles
  • Allows users to check on unauthorized use of the system
  • Allows users to have a check on their remote assets
  • Allows users to have real-time information’s on the traffic on the road
  • Real-time weather and exterior view of their vehicle
  • Increase employee productivity as they are under constant monitoring of their fleet management
  • Have real-time watch on Cargo and other logistics items on transport trucks
  • Have a watch on users if the users vehicle is a public transport vehicle

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