RUVO Clinical Tablet

  • Digi-Heal ruvo Mobile Clinical Tablet
  • Features of ruvo Mobile Clinical Tablet
  • ruvo A10T Product Spec
  • Intended as a mobile portal to the various information systems within a clinical setting (hospital or clinic)
  • Includes unique value-add capabilities to remove barriers to adoption of mobile IT systems for healthcare providers
Users & Applications
  • Avox A10T is optimized to provide access to the EMR system anytime, anywhere in the care flow
  • 3 major guidelines in creating A10T
    • Infection control
    • Support best practices for controlling infection cross-contamination among patients

    • Reduce clinician workload
    • Not add further burden to an already overburdened workforce

    • Easy to learn and use
    • Designed for simplicity and rapid time to competence

Usage Model
1.Clinical documentation

Patient progress, medication administration, order entry and completion

2.Patient 5-Rights verification

Right caregiver, right patient, right treatment, right time, right rate

3.Clinical collaboration

Clinician to clinician real-time sharing of patient data to resolve questions or issues without delay

4. Patient image capture

Capturing and storing in the EMR, images of a patient’s condition, and simplifies the work of clinical documentation

Sealed Design

Easy to clean, easy to disinfect!!! The LCD screen is finished with a splash-proof seal, and the entire unit carries a IP rating of IP54

Carry Handle

Supports “Grip & Go” feature. Ergonomic handle allows users to effortlessly carry the machine all day.

Natural Input

Supports hand writing recognition for documentation of patient records.
Supports sound recording for dictation of patient notes.

Rugged Design

Up to 70% mobile PC in the hospital have been dropped. This makes durability an important feature!!

  • Hardened case can survive up to 4 feet high drop (Mil Std. 810F)
  • Protects critical parts/data
  • Reduces maintenance downtime
Built-in Digital Camera

Digital camera can be used for multiple purposes, including the wound documentation.

Barcode Scanner & RFID Reader

Used for patient ID, order entry and administration of medication. It can also eliminate double documentation, and increase the accuracy of the patient’s information while decreasing the potential for errors.

  • TPM 1.2
  • Optional finger print scanner
  • Docking station lock mechanism
Integrated Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connections (including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) allow seamless access to patient data any time and anywhere.

Docking Station
Desktop docking station
A10T Product Spec
A10T Product Spec

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