TARAVARA - Documents Management System

Create, Manage, Assign and Archive all documents digitally

Document Management System(DMS) is a fully web based solution for managing and tracking all electronic documents, with Multi Dynamics Cabinets creation as per the business requirements. Smart track and follow-up on the document status and required actions to be taken through automatic emails notifications or mobile phones (SMS). Super search engine for easily locating the required document in addition to Barcode creation and locator, all this supported with high multi levels of security fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory.

System Logon-fully integrated with MS Active Directory

System Components
  • Multi Cabinets
  • Categorization
  • Document attachment
  • Quick/Advance/Super Search
  • Document Assignment
  • Actions&Assignment History
  • Follow up

DMS Main Navigator

A good fit for your business needs

Configure the system based on your business needs use the predefined cabinets Styles templates(Incoming, Outgoing, Internal Office and Archiving), dynamically build and configure the required cabinets using the user friendly setup tools.

A typical view of a document's record in the dual pane view of DMS


Categorization can be used in indexing documents to assist information retrieval tasks as well as in classifying document types (Letter, fax, invitation, memos, invoices...), more Categorization can be used such as:

  • Document Source
  • Category and Sub Category
  • Types
  • Confidential level
  • Document Status

Multiple document attachments and linking


Powerful file attachment engine support the following common types of files plus and other types recognized by the local system:

  • All MS Office Document (Word, Excel ...)
  • Acrobat PDF Files (Recommended)
  • All Multimedia files
  • And more..

Store, retrieve and attach files in virtually any format including above

Protect your Business

Dynamically build the security rules as per your business needs using the power full build-in security engine which is fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, use the Multi Layers security engine for better control

Enhance your archiving process using out of the box barcode generator and retriever.

Get information whenever you need

Locate the document you are looking by using one of the following search engines:

  • Quick Search: Using the standard document fields such as document no, type, subject and date
  • Advance Search: Search for the documents using different search criteria as a combination.
  • Super Search: Search for the documents using different search criteria as a combination in all system cabinets.

Flexible and eazy document assignment engine

Easily automate business processes

Automate business process and improve productivity by helping your people manage and track all business documents, with TARAVARA Document Management System, people across your organization can create and standardize workflow and set alert rules that deliver automatic notifications for critical tasks and actions. Increase the collaboration by using the carbon copy built-in feature and keep track of all previous assignment history.

Fast and secure documents archiving and retrieval

Monitor & Control your business

Track the progress and status of all documents actions taken by your people as well as the automatic action created by the system such as assigning document, adding attachments and link document. Expand the workflow functionality by automatic email notifications, which inform individuals about items that required their attention

A unique feature allows users manage their documents creating infinite cabinets and sub-cabinets

Organize document archiving process

Track documents:

  • Organize your document archiving by utilizing the out-of-the-boxBar-code generator.
  • Using Document Locator will simplify the process of retrieving a document and its history.
Improve business productivity

With document tracking engine improves business productivity, gain tight control over all business activities and measure the performance of your staff by controlling and monitoring all actions.

Automate business process and improve productivity

The system has the ability to generate the tracking reports of a document at any stage

Help People prioritize task

Keep critical tasks and business documents on track with notifications and alerts that provides automatic notifications of pending tasks and events.

Proactively monitor business with alerts

Easily create alerts to help monitor the key documents and events, with automatic notifications you will be aware of the bottlenecks and can take quick actions to resolve delays, mobile phone SMS built-in feature helps you to be in touch with your business wherever you are.

Develop based on business best practices using state-of-the-art technology

Technology Used
  • Microsoft.Net
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Microsoft Rational Test 6.0
  • C#
  • ADO.Net

Reduce licensing cost using the web-based Taravara Suite

System Requirements
  • Server Side
    • Microsoft.Net Framework
    • SQL Server 2002/2005
    • Internet Information Services [ISS]
    • Active Directory [Domain Controller]
    • Mail Engine
  • Client Side
    • IE version 5 or later
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader

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